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What are Ninja Express Games?

Once again the administrative team of our website is on top of all the new shows airing on your favorite networks for animated content, just like you can see right now when we are glad to share with you all the category called Ninja Express Games, which is based on the ever-expanding franchise with the same name, which has just gotten a television series on Boomerang, which only made it more popular!

The story of Ninja Express and why it's awesome!

The show uses a mix between 2d and 3d animation to bring lots of charm to all the stories, stories that focus on three ninjas who are quite small and have really round bodies, and instead of having a regular job as ninjas, they actually run a delivery service.

Of course, this is no ordinary delivery company, since the ninjas use their special skills as well as superpowers to deliver anything, anywhere, and anytime, because they are not constrained by time and space, so these adventures will take you anywhere and anytime you can imagine!

There are three ninjas, as previously mentioned, each one having a different color belt on their suit, so you can differentiate between them with ease, and they also have different personalities as well as special abilities.

Kiro is the yellow ninja who can look through time and space and find anything you want, Konkpeki is the blue ninja who can do the actual time travel, while Aka, the red ninja has the ability to take items and shrink their mass, which is very useful for delivering them, which is why they can bring you even a dinosaur if you want!

There is over-the-top action and humor, adventures that take you to places you could only have dreamed of, and we are sure that you will also be able to learn something from watching these antics of the three ninjas.

The best Ninja Express Games online to play:

Of course, we think that all the traits that make the show awesome are going to also be found in this category and the games based upon it, with so far, at the moment of this writing, not being many of them available, but more will appear soon enough, for sure!

For starters, check out the jigsaw puzzle game that depicts images of the show for you to solve as puzzles, which is really great if you are new to the franchise since it will showcase it to you and surely make you more interested.

Other than that, we imagine the following games of this series will be fun, educational, challenging, funny, and they will improve your skills while keeping you entertained, just like we hope is the case with all our games.

Check out other categories of Boomerang Games since you’re still here, and if your friends do not know about our games with Ninja Express online, make sure to tell them about this page and invite them over for fun!