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What are Spa Games?

Spa Games is a different category, added to our website where you will have to play each game as they will be different, including different characters in this category, the most popular in the world of Disney, Cartoon Network or in other games, famous characters, which we are sure you will appreciate. Spa Games is a category where you have the chance to play, to have some little fun and also to learn some things, some treatments that you use the games to be useful in the real world, in everyday life. In these games you'll have the chance to own your own private room, where you to give all your best to satisfy your customers, so that they are satisfied with the services we provide every day. If somehow you do not know exactly what a Spa, we help you and give you some explanations. Spa is a term used for locations where enhancement treatments santatatii prevail. A spa can be a lounge, a complex or a hotel that is inside to a Spa with employees who deal with you. In this game you have to provide your customers so that you leave relaxed as possible. You have to know how to use all the creams and utensils you are given, especially because they are very important, each in its own way. If at first you feel that you know how to play these games because they do not know which cream is used, when and where you applied, do not panic because the games come with a property that will indicate how the cream should be used or utensil that, it will show you where you applied and how it should be used. So the game has become a fairly easy to play. Most games you will register during treatment efficiency. Depending on this, you are registered to our time, and the player with the highest score will have the chance to prize. Give it your best every game, show us that you are able to provide services of the highest quality, play all the games, and we hope they are to your liking. Success!