From Nerd to Fab Prom Edition

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From Nerd to Fab Prom Edition
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What is From Nerd to Fab Prom Edition?

From Nerd to Fab Prom Edition
The From Nerd to Fab Prom Edition game is right here on our website, and you dear kids can see that it's going to star princess Ariel from the Little Mermaid story, and today you are going to have to help your favorite Disney princess to get ready for prom.

In this new challenge, you will see that princess Ariel is in highschool, so she is going to be an ordinary teenage girl, with teenage girl problems. The Little Mermaid is in school with prince Eric, Mulan, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and many other princesses that do not like her, because Ariel looks like a nerd, and doesn't wear fashion outfits.

You dear kids can show all the Disney characters that look can be easily changed, so you will have to be very creative and help princess Ariel win the prom queen title. She is about to sing up for prom, but first she is going to need a date. Nobody wants to go with Ariel to the prom because she looks like a nerd, so you have to start a makeover for her style, and we are sure that she is going to look amazing.

Ariel will have to go clothes shopping, to a hairstylist and to a spa where she can feel more relaxed and confident in her beauty. Ariel will start looking better and better once you start fixing all of her teenage girl problems.

All teenagers have acnee, so you will just have to start rubbing some cream and use all the special spa treatments that we have prepared for you. Use the mouse, rub the cream and wash Ariel's face, and you will see how easy it will be to get rid of a little teenage girl acnee. Ariel's skin is going to be ready for a beautiful and fresh make up, so you have to be very creative and start finding the perfect outfit for Ariel.

YOu will see that your favorite princess is going to be beautiful, but she is going to need a very modern and elegant prom dress that will go perfectly with her new make up and cute little hairstyle, and so Ariel will get a date to the prom in no time, and the prom queen title will be on step closer. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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