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What are Where Oliver Fits Games?

Our website is always going to be the best place for kids of all ages to find and play browser games based on television shows, movies, or children’s books, as we always make sure to be trendsetters in bringing you these games, just like we have done right now with our latest category, one called Where Oliver Fits Games!

This category is based on a series of animated shorts which in turn are adapted from a children’s book called Where Oliver Fits, which was written and illustrated by Cale Atkinson, and ever since its release a few years ago, it had been a real hit.

Where Oliver Fits: A Christmas Eve Tale

That is the name of the first holiday special set in this universe to be aired on Treehouse as well as shown on their YouTube channel, and one of the awesome things the network did with this release is that they put it out during the summer, way before the actual winter holidays.

This was a 30-minute special focusing on a puzzle piece that came to life, one that lived inside a puzzle set in Santa’s workshop, where it got lost, so it went on a real adventure through it, meeting other toys at the same time.

In addition to this special, on the internet and on television as well you can watch short animated stories featuring Oliver and his friends which are almost three minutes each, and show you different adventures into this world.

Now, the main gist of the holiday special, the book, and the games based around them is that while watching these shows or playing these games, kids will learn that what makes them different is what makes them strong and important, and everyone has a role and should be cherished.

Play Where Oliver Fits Games online, right now!

The first game to have appeared in this series is based around the holiday special, and because Oliver is a puzzle piece, it was only expected that the first game in the series would be a jigsaw puzzle-solving game, one called The Where Oliver Fits Puzzle Party.

Have tons of fun playing this game and helping Oliver and his puzzle friends find their place alongside one another, which will not be only entertaining, but by playing this game you get to enhance your puzzle-solving abilities and get smarter.

A brand new world of fun has opened up on our website for everyone here, so we hope that you will begin enjoying these games right now, love them from start to finish, and we would definitely hope that more kids are going to come by our website to have fun with daily new online games, and maybe you will even invite them over for that and show them how much of a good time they can have here!

Remember, everyone fits somewhere, just like Oliver!