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What are Aladdin Games?

In the new Aladdin games you'll find Aladdin, the prince with the magic lamp. We all knew the story of Aladdin's life and because he is a loved character by everyone take the decision to make games with him. Aladdin was a poor young, but who had a magic lamp which fulfill all desire. The story Aladdin and the magic lamp is part of the anthology One thousand and one nights. Thanks to the magic lamp, he becomes a rich man and once with the money comes the love for Aladdin who falls in love with Jasmine, the daughter of the sultan. Jasmine, is a princess very beautiful, with features arabic, long and black hair, his eyes wide and dark and is always dressed in costumes Arabic of all the colors. Because they don't easily get, Aladdin will have to fight in order to remain in the possession of the magic lamp with the merchant who wants at all costs to steal it. After several attempts of merchant, there is a moment in which it manages to change the magic lamp with one false. Aladdin has been forced to fight, and to make all sorts of traps to catch the lamp. Finally, the prince manages to recover the lamp using a ring enchanted. After all these problems, Aladdin get marry with Jasmine and then they were walking with a flying carpet. The two are beautiful together, and everything they do is enchanted, which is why this story is one charming. The film Disney Aladdin appeared for the first time in 1992 and has received only praise. The Aladdin was loved by all the children and not only. Due to success of the film, Aladdin has remained a character which gave rise many other stories. Among these stories include The return of Jafar and Aladdin and the king thieves. These two stories together with Aladdin and the magic lamp, are making a trilogy of movies on which all the children they pursued with pleasure. Trilogy has the following order: Aladdin and the magic lamp (1992), The return of Jafar (1994) and Aladdin and the king thieves (1995). Because these stories have had great success with time were made drawings short-feature with the prince Aladdin and princess Jasmine. All these stories you will also find in Aladdin games, and you will have the opportunity to be protagonists in a world enchanted. Also, in Aladdin games you'll meet the Jasmine, which is in fact one of the beautiful Disney princess. You will be surprised to find that they are some beautiful games, designed to open up your imagination and stay for a day like Aladdin or like Jasmine. You'll have to be traveled many adventures along with Aladdin, Jasmine, the magic lamp and many other characters. We hope that these games will bring you into the world stories with Aladdin and have fun together. Team friv-games will wishes to have fun and asks you to write to the team in the event that you don`t like our games or if you find more Aladdin games that the site has not been published until now.