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What are Princess and The Frog Games?

We know that we are not wrong when we say that you kids love princess games and that is the reason why you shouldn't miss out all the princess games on our site and that is a very good reason why we, the administrative team of the site are always offering you the chance to play new and interesting Disney games because these are full of magic and everybody needs some magic in their life. So come and try out the Disney princess games and because we want you to always have the best time and the best experiences ever with the princesses who always want to be your friends, come and check out this new category we have decided to offer you. The Princess and the Frog story is a very old tale which we all know , but of course Disney is the greatest ever and they have retold this story we shouldn't forget about the girl who has the courage to kiss a frog who was in fact cursed and who will turn into a prince so the simple girl, because she didn't judge and she had a good hurt she has the chance to become a princess by the end of this magical story. We all know this story but in the Princess and the Frog Disney story we are going to tell you about Tiana who's story is a little bit different and you should all know her to have the best time ever in all the girl games you get to try out with princesses. So Tiana is a very simple girl who comes from a simple and a kind of poor family, but she is strong and she wants to be an independent woman even if this is not very easy in the times she is living and she loves cooking so much that she is ready to work all day and all night to make sure that someday her dream of owning a restaurant in which she, Tiana, can be the chef, comes true. But all her life is turned upside down when she meets prince Naveen, who she doesn't know it is a prince when she first meets him because she is already a frog because of the course of the evil villain in the story. Of course the frog won't turn into a prince when Tiana first kisses him because she is not really a princess, she is just asimple and poor girl, but she somehow becomes a frog too when she kisses the prince, so Tiana and prince Naveen start an adventure together to become humans again in which they fall in love with each other, even though they are frogs, and by the end, when they get married in the forest and prince Naveen kisses Tiana, she is already a princess by marrying him so they bought transform into humans again and live happily ever after. So it is clear that the Princess and the Frog games and story here on our site are different than the original story and all the characters you get to meet are just the best, and of course Tiana the new princess is friends with all the other Disney princess so you get to play a lot of cute girl games with them and we can promise you that you are going to have the greatest time ever if you simply are curious enough to explore the Princess and the Frog category with all the cute girl game with princesses waiting for you. Good luck!