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What are The Villains of Valley View Games?

The Villains of Valley View Games is one of the newest categories of Disney Channel Games created by our team for you all, with this being one of the newest shows to have come out in 2022 on the network, one of the most popular channels worldwide when it comes to its target audience, kids and teens, and families in general, who are surely going to appreciate a new take on the superhero genre that is really popular at the moment since it focuses on villains instead.

Meet The Villains of Valley View and play their amazing Disney Channel Games right now!

The show focuses on Havoc, who now goes by the name of Amy, a villain teen whose family is comprised of her mad scientist father called Kraniac (Vic), electrical supervillain mother Surge (Eva), and her siblings, Chaos (Jake), who has super-strength, and Flashform (Colby), who can shapeshift.

The entire family used to work at the League of Villains, led by the evilest villain of all, Onyx, who passes Surge for a well-deserved promotion, giving it to another villain instead, by the name of Slither. A verbal fight between Onyx and Havoc causes her to attack the evil leader, which means that the family now must go on the run.

As the title suggests, they retreat to a fictional town called Valley View, in Texas, where they assume the roles of the Madden family, who must deal with normal lives, while being undercover, avoiding not to get caught by other villains or the superheroes and authorities who are also keeping an eye out for them.

Hartley, the granddaughter of their landlady becomes aware of their secret identities, but they become friends, and she is oftentimes their unlikely savior in tricky situations and a great companion, from whom we are sure that the former villains will learn to become better people, maybe one day using their powers for good.

Come have fun with the villain family through games where you use their special powers, such as the one called Super Sneak, the first in a long series of games with The Villains of Valley View we are sure you will keep enjoying here and only here, the first place you will find any of the new ones!