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What are Young Jedi Adventures Games?

Young Jedi Adventures Games is a special category of Star Wars Games online aimed primarily at young children who are fans of this multi-year Sci-Fi Saga that is popular over the world, with its universe always being in constant expansion, just like we hope to do with this category in the future, since we're the first ones to bring it along for you all, showing once again how dedicated we are towards bringing you the best in gaming for computers or mobile devices!

Enter the world of Star Wars for kids with our Young Jedi Adventures Games online!

Firstly, know that the setting of the show is centuries before the main movies in the series, set in the High Republic Era when the Jedi still were the great institution that they were, and, as you probably guessed, the character at the forefront of it are younglings who are trying to learn the ways of the Force, so that they can also become the peacekeepers of the galaxy.

They learn to work together, to be compassionate, patience, and, of course, how to wield their lightsabers, the main weapon of a Jedi, but who are they? Well, let's introduce you to the cast!

Kai Brightstar is the main character, who one day hopes to be just like Yoda, his idol, and Nash Durango is a pilot who helps out the team when they need to be transported through the galaxy. Lys Solay is a Pantoran, also Kai's best friend, and so is Nubs, who is a Pooba, while RJ-83 is their droid companion.

They are being trained under Yoda, and their main nemesis is Taborr Val Dorn, a space pirate who always brings trouble about, but the kids get over it and always save the day!

That is what we invite you to do with our games with Young Jedi Adventures, with the first one being great for an introduction, since it is called Galactic Training, as it invites you to train and hone your Jedi skills with the kids. There is more fun to come, of course, and we will always be the first ones to share it with you, so make sure you stick around to catch them!