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What are Moley Games?

Are you ready for an adventure into the underground world of moles, some of the cutest subterranean animals, but also in that of British royalty? Then you will get all that and much more right now, if you are to give a chance to our Moley Games online, a category made for the show and precursor television film that started this franchise, which we are sure will be around for a long time, and our team will make sure to always bring you its latest games first!

Meet the main character and his underground friends!

This television show has just recently been picked up for a full-on series after it first had a short television film called 'Master Moley'. The film centered around a mole that one day picks up a rose out of the Queen’s Rose Garden, which changes the course not only of his life but that of moles everywhere in the British Isles, as he becomes a national figure as the new butler to the Queen.

As for the series, it develops upon the original story, as we see more of MoleTown, the city of moles, with Moley’s house being right beneath the Winsdor Castle, which we explored in the short film already. Moley’s important mission is to keep safe the Mystical Manual of Magic, which he adores as Manny, which is the key for peace between moles and humans, and the magical item that brings the fantastic adventures of the series to life.

Come see what you can play with Master Moley!

There are two adventures you can have so far in this category, one based on the tv series, and one on the movie, and we will tell you some quick details about them right now:

Of course, this being a category that is in its infancy at the moment, these are just two examples of what you will be able to experience here, but we are positive that the characters, the antics they get to one episode after another, and this interesting world that is a blend between animals and humans will bring you back to playing our games with Moley as often as possible!

It goes without saying, but there will be no other place where you will be able to find them earlier, which is true for any and all our other categories, so we hope that you come back here day after day, and never miss out on the tons of fun that are presented to you, free of charge, always!