Mole Catcher

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What is Mole Catcher?

Mole Catcher

As you can see, new Moley Games are back for you here on our website, not too long after the previously-added game of this category, so count on us being really excited that we can share with you the awesome game that is Mole Catcher, which is sort of like a hidden objects game, one with moles, but more interactive, and definitely even more fun than regular ones!

How many moles can you spot?!

In front of you will be various locations from across Moletown, where mole characters are going to pop up all over the place, with you having to be quick on your feet, or, in this case, hands, so that you click on them before they disappear, getting points in return each time you do it.

Be careful not to tap on any other kinds of characters, toys, or things that pop up, because that makes you lose a life, and if you lose all your lives, you lose the game and have to start again from zero points.

We really hope that you do a great job, get a big score, and spot as many moles as possible, which helps you get more familiar with the awesome characters of this Boomerang show!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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