Tunnel Dash

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What is Tunnel Dash?

Tunnel Dash

If you're not accustomed to moles and what they are, you should know that they are underground animals that live in the dirt, and to do that, they dig tunnels from one place to another, creating huge galleries that in the world of Moley are known as Moletwon, which connects all the houses of the moles.

Dash through the moles' tunnels with your car!

You will have Moley driving his classic British car through the underground tunnels, where you will tap on the screen when you want to make him jump with the car, something that you have to do in order to keep advancing, since the road is made up of various levels, and if you hit the ground, you might lose.

Be careful about other obstacles as well, but make sure to catch as many bugs, worms, and other creatures like that, since they are the food of the moles, and the more of them you collect, the bigger your score becomes. We will let the eating of the critters to the moles, we just want to get points!

Good luck to you all, and we hope that you start having fun right now, as we hope you do with each and every one of our games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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