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Mine & Slash Overview


Mine & Slash represents the top quality at which a mining game online in 3D can reach, it is a hypercasual experience with the best graphics in the entire genre, at least for browser games, elements of fantasy like goblins or orcs, magical potions and powerful crystals, and the chance to become a muscular miner who is happy to face anything and everyone in his path! Let's tell you the start of this story, so you can finish it!

Mine & Slash in the adventure of a lifetime!

Use the mouse to move your miner by dragging where you want to go, starting off by entering the mine through the hole, it being more of a mountain, which then separates into multiple doors that go underground, into the mines. After you finish the adventure in one of them, you can open up the next one.

Try exploring and clearing all the mines, and build a civilization around this new place you are excavating. To mine the jewels, simply move towards them, and the miner will start hacking at them with the pickaxe. If you slash into the barrels, they hold explosives, allowing you to clear more space faster, and to collect more diamonds.

Now, as you go through the mines, you will find cages with people having been captured by the orcs and goblins underneath, so make sure to free them, open up a magical portal, and get them back to the surface. Your first two hostages you rescue become the shopkeeper and the smith.

From the shop you can buy potions and upgrade the character's powers, as well as take new outfits to use, while at the smith you upgrade the tools, such as the axe, or buy weapons. The weapons, like swords, are meant for the goblins lurking in the mines. If you dig enough to reach them, they will attack, as they see all as their propriety.

This is where the 'slash' comes from the title, as you need to use your weapons to defeat them. Of course, learning new magical attacks, using new weapons, and setting up traps for the monsters is always recommended, and you should always improve techniques, since the deeper you go, the more powerful the monsters are too.

Why not also try getting some pet familiars to help you as well? Maybe for light, maybe for fighting, or just to keep you company. The mining adventure online of your lifetime begins now, what are you waiting for?

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Use the jewels you mine to exchange into coins and use them to buy upgrades and weapons.
  • Defeat goblins and their bosses to free the mine for more exploration and to get more treasures.
  • Customize your miner character with new gear but also new powers.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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