Pixel Mine Challenge

Pixel Mine Challenge

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Pixel Mine Challenge
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Pixel Mine Challenge Overview


Welcome all to MineCraft Pixel Mine Challenge, which is a brand new take on the Minecraft Parkour Games that you might have played before on our website, but this game is 3D, has more dynamic levels than those ones, and higher quality in all fields, so we hope you are not going to miss out on it for anything in the world, as we will right now explain how you play it!

Complete the Pixel Mine Challenge of Minecraft, right now!

For starters, know that this game features no less than 49 levels, each more difficult than the one before it, and for each of them you can earn from one to three stars, depending on your performance, so we hope that you will always focus and give your best to earn 3/3.

In a first-person view, use WASD to move, space to jump, and go from one block to another, jumping between them so as not to fall into the lava, because if that happens, you die and have to start the level again from scratch.

Instead, reach the end of each course, and collect as many stars along the way as you can. Good luck we wish you all, and we invite you to stick around for more, you will always find the best games on the internet here!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar.

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