Mine Clone 4

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What is Mine Clone 4?

Mine Clone 4

As the number suggests, Mine Clone 4 is going to be even better than previous Mine Clone Games online for browsers, since these Minecraft Games only keep improving edition after edition, with all of you now being invited to try the latest one, and continue your pixelated adventures you can't get tired of!

Mine Clone 4 is here, let's mine, craft, and have fun!

First, controls: Move with WASD, use the Right Mouse Button to add blocks, the Left Mouse Button to remove blocks, the I-E keys for inventory, where you can select various tools and weapons.

With the mine blocks, you collect you can build whatever kinds of structures you want to, as these games encourage kids and adults alike to be creative and make their own buildings inside the game.

If you meet creepers, zombies, or other enemies, be careful of them and don't let them reach you and kill you. Use resources to craft tools, use those tools to build, or gain even more resources and inventory.

However you decide to explore this new and fascinating world, we're positive you will enjoy it to the fullest, as you've done with previous games in this category, which we then invite you to check out further!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, I-E keys, mouse.

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