Planet Rush

Planet Rush

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Planet Rush
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Planet Rush Overview


Planet Rush is going to be one of the top new endless tunnel rush games online you get to find and play on our website free of charge on our website right now, and it has an intergalactic and sci-fi theme because you are here to explore the universe with Planet Earth, which you will become, yes, a whole planet, instead of the regular boring balls you usually become in these obstacle courses games!

Start the Planet Rush online!

In the Classic mode, you have levels, and in each level you need to reach the end of the space tunnel, having a set distance of light years you need to travel with your planet to clear it and unlock the next level, where the target distance increases, and the space tunnel becomes more complicated.

Why is that? Well, you assume control of Planet Earth through them and move using the ARROWS/WASD keys or the MOUSE, having to avoid the space rocks, meteorites, and debris, because if you hit into them too much and the planet explodes, you lose. Instead, reach new distances, and along the way, to increase your score, collect as many red diamonds as possible.

You can use them in the shop to unlock new planets for your avatar, including Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and other beloved planets from our own Solar System, which, as you can see, is going on a trip! Yes, even the Sun itself can be unlocked, but it is the most expensive one.

There is also the Endless mode, where you have no set distance you need to reach, but each time you play, try to travel more light years than before and keep increasing your score and collecting the jewels.

Enter your name when you start, so you can enter into the leaderboard of players who are doing the same, and try to out-rank them all! It's fun, an adventure, and a game of skill all at the same time, so begin the space travel right now, and rush to victory!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Travel galaxies as planets from our solar system (Earth, Mars, Pluto).
  • Collect diamonds, space jewels, to buy all the planets in the shop.
  • Reach big distances in light-years, not meters, as you're on an intergalactic journey!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys or the MOUSE.

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Chandan Saud

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