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Tasty Planet

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Tasty Planet
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Play Tasty Planet online to become an all-consuming goo monster created by scientists, and eat up everything you can. In this cool new action, adventure, skill game, scientists messed up when creating a goo that eats dirt, because it came to life, and now it is eating everything it sees. Well, you are that one monster in this cool new collecting game. Let's show you the ropes!

Eat up the Tasty Planet online!

With the ARROW keys, you move around the map, and you have to eat everything that is smaller than you. If you try eating things larger than you, they might eat you instead, and you die. We don't want that, do we?

Fill up the progress bar by eating particles, dust, or other bacteria, and when it's full, you grow larger in size. This only means being able to eat even bigger items. Try to get so big you can even eat tanks, cars, and, obviously, people.

Eat, grow, and be the best!

After starting off in the first level, which is the micro-organism layer, you will then eat bigger beings, such as insects, toys, animals, cars, tanks big buildings, and even the whole planet, as you go into space and become a planet yourselves. Why? Well, you've gobbled it up!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys to move and eat.

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