Planet Repair Squad

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What is Planet Repair Squad?

Planet Repair Squad

The people of Earth can't seem to get on the right track to save our home, which is why aliens have sent the Planet Repair Squad, the team that helps any planet in danger to save itself, and you now have the chance to take part in this team and this new mission to save the blue planet, repairing it one problem at a time!

Join the squad and repair the planet!

You will control a UFO, and for that, you use the left and right arrows to move, down to abduct something and then drop it, up to abduct something and then dump it. Get rid of dust clouds, harmful pollution, and any other items and natural events too, if they are harmful to the planet.

Sometimes you have to deal with overpopulation, so abduct and dump into space even some humans, but know that if you don't do a good enough job and lose all the people on the planet, it means you have lost, because you will have hurt the planet too much. Good luck and all the best we wish you all, inviting you to play more pixel games on our website, or from other categories too!

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How to play?

Use the arrows.