Social Blackjack

Social Blackjack

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Social Blackjack
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Social Blackjack Overview


Playing Social Blackjack is way better than doing it by yourself, which is always a possibility, especially online, but this is a casino card game at its core, and playing the 21-card game has always required at least two people, the player, and the dealer, so it makes sense to have this multiplayer blackjack game added for you all, where you compete with other card players across the globe from your computer or phone!

Play Social Blackjack multiplayer online now!

Choose the name you want to be known as in-game, as well as the avatar you want to use. If you want to mostly relax, try the casual play mode, but if you want to compete for higher stakes and show how good of a blackjack player you are, try the tournament, where you play with bigger sums of money. As always, the money is virtual and risk-free!

In turn, you and the other players are going to place bets with chips of 5, 10, 25, 50, or even 100, depending on how confident you are, and then receive cards from the dealer. The goal you have is to have a higher count of cards than the dealer's to win and get your bet multiplied and received as earnings.

You can refuse to take any more cards or ask for new ones, as you try to reach as close to 21 as possible. At 21, you've got blackjack and win automatically, but if you go over that number, you lose. All players will try to earn more money than the others, which you should attempt as well, and you will see that playing with real people is going to make this experience even better.

If you want to interact with the other users, there is a chat panel on the top left side of the screen where you can talk with one another. Maybe invite friends to play with you too, from their own homes!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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