Blackjack Vegas 21

Blackjack Vegas 21

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Blackjack Vegas 21
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Blackjack Vegas 21 Overview


It's time to play Blackjack Vegas 21 online right now only on our website, where you get the awesome chance to play this classic casino card game, with none of the real-life risks and implications from going to an actual place, as you only use virtual money which you can afford to lose, although we would recommend you view this game as something real, and give it your best at it as if it would be!

Let's play Blackjack Vegas 21 online free!

Place bets with chips of 1, 5, 25, and 100. You then click on 'hit me' to get cards, and if you don't want any new cards, you hit the 'stand' button. A count of the cards you have is made by the computer next to the cards, so you can watch the strategy better.

You and the dealer will both get cards, and your goal is to beat the number they have when the round is over. Get as close as possible to 21, but don't go over, because if that happens, you lose instead.

When you win, you get money from the dealer, and when you lose, you give them the money that you've just bet on. Of course, if you run out of money, the whole game ends.

Now that you have the rules down, feel free to begin, give the game your best, and stick around for way more fun to come from this category very soon!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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