Noob Miner: Journey to the Planets

Noob Miner: Journey to the Planets

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Noob Miner: Journey to the Planets
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Noob Miner: Journey to the Planets Overview


The Noob Miner is tired of Earth, and wants to go on a Journey to the Planets, which really is not an easy feat to do, which is why he totally needs your help right now and here, which we hope you will give him, in a game about mining resources, transforming the materials into spaceships, and getting a big workforce to help you, having business management elements all wrapped in a fun new hypercasual game in 3D for computers and mobile devices, which we will now explain to you!

Help Noob Miner Journey to the Planets!

Move around the map using WASD, the ARROWS, or the MOUSE, using the touch controls to drag the Miner around if you are playing on a phone or tablet.

Go and mine the first blue minerals, and then take them to the orange conversion spot, where you can then take the money in the shop, where you can and should buy the following upgrades:

  • Collection, which means you can collect more resources in one go.
  • Speed, to make the process faster and smoother.
  • Workers, which are blocky chickens that help you out while you are doing the main jobs.

The first step also needs you to take hold of the red plane and mine its resources, converting the high-speed jet into a spaceship, once you have designed and built it, you can go to the next planet. On the next planet, you repeat the process from Earth, but using the minerals and materials from that soil.

When you have enough resources, also try to expand your territory, which is going to help you gather more kinds of resources, and more in terms of weight, as you need to remember that the more territory you have at your disposal, the more planets you get to visit further!

Let's begin this amazing simulation right now, only here, and don't stop for a second, since we've got more awesome games in store, as the day has just begun!

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