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What are Nail Games?

A category of Nail Games online is meant to be on any website that wants its female visitors to find the games for girls that they are seeking with ease, since nail care and nail art are two very important aspects in every fashion-forward girl's life, and not even only them, as most women know how to take proper care of their nails, both the fingernails, which are on your hands, at the ends of the fingers, as well as the toenails, which are on your feet, at the ends of your toes.

Having good nails also showcases good health, as bacteria, dust, and bad things can easily get under the nails, and if not taken out and cleaned up, they can cause infection and bad days. Well, while most men also take care of this body part, they haven't taken it to the extent that women have, who also decorate their nails, and make them feel like an art piece at times, which is why this page is dedicated to them!

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Of course, this category could also have been simply called Manicure Games, but we wanted to  also have a page for  a broader spectrum in this world, since it is not always about decorating or designing nails, as sometimes you need to take care of them, such as is the case with nail doctor games, where you can treat injuries or infections that have taken place in this body part, an extension of the skin.

A manicure is a process that can be made by yourself, or experts at a salon, also called manicurists, which is the role you can play in so many of these nail salon games online. Cut them up to a smaller size, clean them of any impurities, and then paint the nails, or even decorate them with sparkles, glitter, diamonds, and other fun and beautiful things.

Of course, some women, in these modern days, want to have their nails bigger, so you can also make nail extensions, which make them look big, wide, and powerful, as they resemble the claws of a cat, so make sure not to make a woman with them angry, she might scratch you!

Acrylic is the main kind of paint that is used in manicuring, but you will get to use many other tools as well, and in many of the games on this page you can make them really realistic, even though they are virtual.

Do it with your favorite characters, such as in our Barbie Nail Games, which are always a highlight, or take a random hand or foot and make sure that the nails on them look perfect, even if you don't see the girl's face. That's not important, as we've got makeup games for that, which we also invite you to try out!

Now that we are sure you are convinced on how this page is totally worth your time, make sure to try its contents right now, and you won't regret it for a bit, we promise!