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What are Winx Games?

Girls all over the world love Winx Games more than anything, as these mythical creatures are usually depicted as girls and women with wings that can fly all over the world, leave sprinkle dust behind them, and can perform magic to help people have been around in myths, legends, and stories for centuries, and one of the best modern representations of fairies comes from the Winx Club series, which is an American-Italian television animated series that started in 2004 and had new episodes being aired all the way up to 2019, and Netflix recently released a live-action adaptation of the series called Fate: The Winx Saga.

The show and its characters have been such a hit that it spawned the creation of hundreds of Winx Games online for girls to play, with the best of them now being made available for free only on Play-Games, where we have worked very hard to bring you the best games featuring Bloom and her merry band of fairies, games about which we tell you more right now, so you can find out what kind of experiences you are going to have!

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As you would expect of a series of fairy games aimed towards girls, the number one thing they want to do when it comes to their favorite characters is giving them new looks through some of the most fashionable clothes ever, which they get to do with the many Winx dresses up games for girls we have here, where you get to dress up characters like Bloom, Stella, Flora, and others individually, or they get together and have makeover sessions together with you.

The Winx fairies have always had missions where they had to save the world, so you can also expect to find some action-adventure games with Winx here on our website, where you help them defeat evil witches, nasty monsters, or various villains that want to threaten both the human world and the magical world. Yes, Winx Club fighting games can be found here, where you can use their magical abilities to battle the forces of evil!

You can become a hairdresser and change the haircuts of your favorite fairies, you can play Winx love test games and find out if your crush likes you back, since these magical girls can find that out for you, help them cook some delicious food which they can eat after their hard days at school and training, or you can boost your artistic qualities with Winx coloring games where you can paint the characters and their world according to your imagination.

Learn more about your favorite Winx Club characters and their adventures right here!

Alfea College for Fairies is the main setting of this show because this is the magical school where the Winx girls go to learn how to transform themselves into fairies and use their innate magical abilities for good, in order to fight various threats and villains who want to take over the world and do ugly and bad things. The universe of the show is split up into various dimensions, with the Magic Dimension being the one we see the most, and it has not just fairies, but also witches, or monsters, with its capital city being called Magix. Each Winx fairy comes from a different planet, and, yes, one of them is even from Earth! Let’s get to mee them, then, shall we?

The leader of the Winx Club is none other than Bloom, a red-haired girl who has the title of Fairy of the Dragon Flame, whose birth happened on the planet of Domino, but she lived on Earth as a human before discovering her magical powers, and ultimately becoming the most powerful fairy ever.

The title of Fairy of the Shining Sun goes to Stella, a blonde-haired fairy who loves going out and who can use her powers to manipulate the light coming from the sun. She is not just Bloom’s best friend, but she also is such a fashionista that she even creates her own clothing, being quite the skilled artist and designer who always love being in the center of attention.
Flora is a sensitive girl who comes from the planet of Lynphea and is the Fairy of Nature, who uses her powers that come from nature to always bring peace and protect nature and everyone in it. Whenever one of the other fairies gets injured, the potions she mixes up are there to heal them.
Next up we have Musa, who is the Fairy of Music who can manipulate sound waves to her advantage, and when it comes to their group of fairies, she is definitely the most outspoken one, as well as quite sensible.

The brains of the group are definitely Techna, the Fairy of Technology, who can build all sorts of useful devices that their team uses in battles or their day-to-day lives, and in her free time, she loves playing video games, always giving her best to win them all!
Introduced in the second season, Aisha is the Fairy of Waves, who comes from a planet filled mostly with water, with her being a girl who loves to be active, dance, and practice sports, and her magical abilities help her manipulate liquid.

Roxy is not a permanent member of the Winx Club, but a very powerful and useful one, as she is the Fairy of Animals, and she comes from Earth, enrolling into Alfea to enhance her magical abilities. Despite being the youngest and weakest of the group, that only means that she has more room to grow!


The wonderful fairies of Winx Club always have a new mission to save the world, a new outfit to dress up in, a new hairstyle to try out, and a lot more to learn, which are some of the things they invite you to do with them by playing our Winx Club Games online for free right now since even they know that only on our website you can find the very best of them!