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What are Eureka Games?

Welcome all the children to Eureka Games, which is currently one of the newest Disney Junior Games categories to have been created for our website, right on the day when the show is set to make its premiere on the network, which shows you just how dedicated our administrative team is towards bringing you the freshest content possible for our website, even more so when we're talking about shows we're positive will be around for a while, and they will produce amazing games!

Travel back to the Stone Age with our Eureka Games!

Yes, the show is set in this period of time when humans were still discovering tools and how to use them properly, which makes the name of this main character even more appropriate since it is something you would shout out when you discovered something new and brilliant.

Eureka is a girl who goes daily on adventures of discovery, where she builds all sorts of gadgets to help her in the travels she has, as she makes mostly friends, and few foes because that is life.

Other characters that we will see through these stories are Wanda, her grandmother, Yurt, a traveling musician, Rockanne, a dance teacher, Chee, the school librarian, and know that the protagonist has a pet kanga bird.

Rocky Falls is going to be one location you see a lot, as it is also featured in this category's first game, where tons of adventures await you.

You will discover, invent, create, paint, build, jump, fall, and everything else you can imagine in this category, having fun each step of the way towards the advancement of humans, thanks to our games with Eureka online!