Pupstruction Games

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What are Pupstruction Games?

Pupstruction Games is a category of Disney Junior Games online that was created right at the same time as the show with the same name premiered on the network, which once again showcases our team's dedication to bringing you the best there can be out there in the world of gaming, even more so if we're talking about games based on your favorite cartoons, and we always want to catch them as soon as they release, which is something that we're sure has brought you back to our website day after day, knowing you can count on us!

Play Pupstruction Games online to build stuff with the cutest cartoon puppies ever!

The show follows a team of dogs who are not just that, but they are construction workers at the same time, who have both the brains and brawns to build anything their clients require, and even do some charity work, since people and animals need roofs over their houses, and they will always jump at the chance to help!

The main character we follow is called Phinny, the team leader, who is the youngest and smallest in the group, he is a corgi, but he is really enthusiastic about everything, is really smart, and his ideas about what to build in the town of Petsburg are both outlandish and amazing!

The team is completed by Luna, a sheepdog, Roxy, a rottweiler, and Tank, a mastiff. They are always ready to go on missions and complete building projects, as you will help them out in the category's first addition, a game called Create-A-Coaster, which spells out for you the fact that you will be building a roller coaster with these cute animals.

Doesn't it sound amazing? Well, it is, and this is just the beginning, so we hope that you stick around with us, because when new games with Pupstruction online appear, we will immediately bring them for you free and unblocked, and it would be a shame not to try them out!