Rocky Falls Adventures

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What is Rocky Falls Adventures?

Rocky Falls Adventures

Rocky Falls, where Eureka from Disney Junior lives, is both a great place to live and one to think, even if it's set in the Stone Age, which actually makes it even better since it means there are plenty of things to discover and maybe invent.

It's time for Rocky Falls Adventures with Eureka Games!

You will start off with the first mission, to push a rock wheel down a hill and make it reach the cart at the bottom, where two of your friends are waiting for it.

To achieve it you will have to use the sketchbook to draw various animals and dinosaurs that will appear, placing them to keep the rock advancing forward.

If you use the correct animals, you will get past pits, bumps, obstacles, roadblocks, and the like, and the rock will reach its destination in no time.

Use the mouse to interact with the environment, the book, characters, and animals. What awaits you in your second adventure? We'll, discovery is reserved for you, so play the game and experience it fully!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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