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What is LOL Supermarket?

LOL Supermarket
We are bringing here on our website today dear girls the LOL Supermarket game that kids can try even on their mobile phones and tablets. Inside this new game, the little chibi dolls are going to be the main characters, and they want to go shopping at the supermarket for the very first time, so they need help.

Because the LOL Surprize dolls are so little, they do not reach on the top shelves, so they will always need help when they go grocery shopping, and today dear girls and boys you are the kids that can help them have a full shopping list bought from the supermarket, and see how many points you will manage to earn through this new challenge.

At first, you will have a short tutorial of the game, in which you can see that the LOL Surprize chibi doll is going to enter the supermarket, and she is going to need different items to buy, and you will have to use the mouse and start clicking on them in order to have a complete shopping list and can leave the supermarket after paying at the cashier's desk, and return for level 2 in another day.

You will have to be very careful and concentrated because dear girls you will see that at the beginning of the game the list is going to be displayed on the screen for a brief period of time, and you will have to start gathering all the objects once you start to click on the groceries on the shelves.

There are going to be plenty of items inside the supermarket on different isles, that you will have to scroll through and see where are the items that you need. You are going to find carrots, pineapple, ketchup, cake, milk, tomatoes, broccoli, water, soda cans, apples, pears, flour and many other items that are going to be on the LOL Surprise' doll shopping list. Have fun!


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How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.