Blues Puppy Maker

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What is Blues Puppy Maker?

Blues Puppy Maker
Dear children,
We present a new game Blue Clue. Come and create your own puppy that at the end you will be able to print and keep as a memory.

The first stage of the game consists of choosing the puppy you will want to outline in order to be able to color it at the end. The game is not structured on levels but is only structured on certain stages of the dog's contouring. In the first stage, you will have to choose the ears of the puppy you want to have. Then continue with his eyes and mouth.

Now that you have put the basics of your dog you can now think about what nose and what color you will want to have because they will have to match what you have chosen. At the end of the game, you can send your choice to a jury that will evaluate what you have created so far. After the evaluation, you will be able to resume the game in case other ideas came to you along the way or you can print it to keep it as a memory.

We hope you enjoyed the game and we invite you to discover other games on our site. Have fun.


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use the mouse