Dunkers Fight 2P

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What is Dunkers Fight 2P?

Dunkers Fight 2P

Dunkers Fight 2P is clearly one of the best 2 player basketball games online that you get to find and play free of charge on our website today, which is a format that you can't really find that often, so we are very glad that we can share this one with you right now, where you're guaranteed tons of fun even if you're not really big fans of the sport!

Two dunkers will fight it out, only one of 2 players wins!

From the main menu you will make your choice between the 1P and 2P mode, but we definitely recommend going up against a friend or family member better, it's way more fun in two!

The two players will control their two ballers using the ARROW keys and the WASD keys, doing so in order to bounce around with their avatars, grab the balls, and dunk them into the other one's net.

Shoot and score more hoops than the other player in order to win, simple as that! We wish both of you the best, fun as only here is possible, and clearly invite you to stick around for more to come, you can never go wrong!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, ARROW keys.

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