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What are Barbie Games?

All the girls on our website love to play games with dolls, and one of the most popular dolls in the world is Barbie without a doubt, and here on, Barbie doll and Super Barbie have their own category filled with amazing games for girls and even for boys that love to play with superhero dolls, and who want to grow up and become fashion designers.

Once you go inside the Barbie games category from our website, you can see that the cute girl character that you love is going to bring for you many adventure challenges, dress-up and makeover challenges, spa and relaxing treatments with massages, facial masks and special original challenges for children that you will manage to play with all of your friends even on your phones and tablets for free if you have an internet connection.

The appearance of Barbie dolls

The Barbie doll has started by a little series of dolls in a small factory, made by Ruth Handler, a businesswoman in 1959, so even though in 2020 Barbie has looked more realistic than ever, she is a very old doll, and this year on March 9, the doll is going to have 61 years, and she is not tired, and there are new types of dolls with Barbie or Super Barbie ready to appear for you to play within your homes, and starting from today, here on

This doll is considered a fashion icon in the doll industry because she had from the beginning the most interesting and up with the trends outfits all year round, so you can see that once you buy a Barbie doll, there's a very good chance you will find for it special outfits for the winter, for the summer, for the spring and for the autumn season, so that Barbie can keep up with the fashion trends, and see how the girls that play with it, can even replicate her style and start to wear the same style of clothing and even makeup and accessories.

Since the first series of dolls that left the factory line until 2020, there are more than 10 million Barbie's all around the world, and the number of sells increases every year, and a new record has been set since the first months of production when 350.000 toys have been sold just in America, South America, and Canada.

The very first series of Barbie's look rather simple, being made of plastic, they had a cute face, blonde hair, and mostly pink clothes, which will in the future, become a real trademark for these dolls, but you will see playing through the challenges from our website that the doll will be able to change her clothes and their colors throughout the dress-up and makeover games that we publish each week. Barbie has a very important development through the years, and starting from the simple low detailed doll, she grown and in 2020, the Barbie doll is very realistic, and she looks very beautiful and she is still in pace with all the fashion trends.

Because Barbie has become as popular as she did, there are different versions of toys that the girls can buy in almost any supermarket in the world. There's a baby doll, a teenage doll, a young adult doll, an adult doll, and even a senior doll that can be bought from stores, and create your own collection because many of the toys that are still in mint condition are very expensive and can be bought with thousands of dollars, even though they originally cost just a few dollars.

Even though the dolls can have different ages, have different occupations and like to do different things, all the Barbie dolls have the same core features, and that means that they will all have blond hair, have a very cute pink smile and outfits that even though are different in style based on their personalities, they mostly are pink.

Know your Barbie

As we said, the dolls are very diverse and they will have many shapes, forms, and outfits, and you dear kids can have a great time playing all the games for children on your mobile phones, computers and laptops or tablets, You will see that Barbie is going to bring many games with cars, motorcycles, adventures and special abilities with which you can win your adventures and superhero missions because not all the games with this toy are going to be girly.

Like any other beautiful girl the doll will have a boyfriend so that she does not get lonely and that she will have someone that will love her unconditionally. The boy version of the Barbie doll is named Ken, and they form a fashion couple even from the beginning of the series, and Ken can be bought as an addition to the teenage doll, and you will see that they will have matching outfits and have cute little environments like the beach, a car or at the picnic where they will have dates.

Being more and more popular through the lives of little girls starting from age 3 until age 12, Barbie is continuing to bring to life new stories with dolls, and you dear kids can see that they will be found even in the games here on our website. Today, you will see that that a few of these pieces are going to be special items like a pink car, a makeup table, a full-on wardrobe, a kitchen where Barbie can cook new ingredients, a tailor's shop where she can build and create her very own clothes, a spa where she can create new facial treatments for all the teenage girls in the world.

All these toys pieces are going to appear in the girls on our website, and all you have to do is to look for them through the challenges that we already posted. Barbie and Ken will be the main characters in each of them, and you will even find special dolls like Barbara or Andreea, which are a few other Barbie doll series that have been created over the years.

Missions with Super Barbie

One of Barbie's alter ego's is the number two in the popularity polls, and so it's going to have a very big say into the Barbie category here on our website, and she is going to be the main character in many of the interesting challenges that she is going to present for you girls.

Super Barbie is going to look very similar to the original doll, but she is going to be very different. In this side of the story, the doll is going to be a superhero, and she is going to have a superhero outfit and even special powers that will make her stronger than ever, and once you get to know her, you will see how cute she is going to be and how many interesting games for kids Super Barbie is going to have for you kids.

The character is going to have a mask on her eyes so that nobody recognizes her, a different type of outfit is going to make her look more like a hero, and you can see that she is going to have a beautiful hero cape, a superhero outfit that will not be all pink. The costume is going to be purple, white, and pink which will make the doll be a very original hero, and you can see how much fun you will have playing with all of these fashion challenges that you can see right here inside the Barbie games.

The doll is still going to look like a supermodel, and you will have even interesting dress-up challenges in which she has to get new hero costumes and start to personalize each and every one of her outfits. Super Barbie will also have her own Ken doll, and they are going to be real heroes saving and helping dolls all around the world.

All the adventures that you will see with Super Barbie here on our website will have default controls, and they will be the A, S, W, D keys on the keyboard, the ARROW keys on the keyboard or the MOUSE, with which you will manage to control all the actions that the doll can make or all the other characters from this challenge.

When did Barbie dolls appear?

The first Barbie doll appeared in 1959.

How do Barbie dolls look?

All the Barbie dolls have blonde hair, pink lips, blue eyes, and pink outfits.

Who is Barbie's boyfriend?

Ken doll is Barbie's boyfriend.

How many Barbie dolls are there?

There are a lot of dolls in the series, like Barbara or Super Barbie.

How does Barbie move around?

Barbie has a pink convertible car that is pink. 

Which is Barbie's favorite color?

Barbie loves pink.