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What are My Scene Games?

My Scene Games is a wonderful category of games for girls online that we are delighted to showcase to all our female visitors right now and here, considering that these are games that used to be very popular in the 2000s and a bit in the 2010s when the series was discontinued, but the sheer number of amazing and interesting games created in that time was still really awesome to play, so we really wanted to make sure that you can still have a place to find and play them for free NOW, considering that the technology they were built upon, flash, is not around anymore!

The website first started off in 2002, part of a bigger series of websites, mainly Mattel dolls such as Barbie or Polly Pocket, who also have categories here that we recommend you check out! Chelsea and Maddison were two girls at the start of the series, and later on, there were added episodes, there was a shop and even a blog. Nia, Kennedy, and Delancey appeared later on, during the tens.

The fact that you could easily interact with these characters, learn more about them and have fun playing games with them made the website so popular, and we're proud to be sharing this experience with you right now and here as well!

Find out what makes My Scene Games online to play so awesome!

If we're talking about games aimed at girls, dress up games are always going to be the top picks, and here you can do that with all the characters you love:

Play decoration games where you get to do makeovers to their homes, go on shopping sprees with the girls, you can make music, or even find out your fortune by reading tarot cards. Maybe you want to rack your brain a bit by solving a jigsaw puzzle with these characters. Well, that is also possible here, as this category is way more diverse than you would have thought at first!

We hope to have made quite a good and convincing case for why My Scene Games should be played by all the girls on our website, and in the slight chance that you don't really like them, there are so many other categories here that you can find and enjoy, which we invite you to discover as well because if you want it, the fun never stops here!

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