Fortune Fun

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Fortune Fun
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What is Fortune Fun?

Fortune Fun

Fortune Fun is quite a different kind of game we have now brought you into our My Scene Games category online, where all of us have had tons of fun as well so far, with all the clothes and whatnot, but today it is all about mystic and spiritual things, as you're trying to get a card reading of your fortunes and future. Interesting, right?

Let's have Fortune Fun with the My Scene dolls online!

Start off by choosing your name, and then picking one of the questions:

  • Should I go ahead and talk to my crush?
  • My crush is so cute! Am I his crush too?
  • Will my crush and I hang out together soon?
  • I think my crush likes my BFF. Should I forget about him?
  • Will my crush get along with my friends?
  • Will my BFF and I meet new friends this week?
  • Is now a good time to share a secret with my friend?
  • Will my friend and I make up soon?
  • Should my friend and I hit the mall today?

You then enter the name of your friend or crush, after choosing the question, shuffle the cards, and then three cards will be revealed, which will tell you more about your question and what the fortunes mean for you.

It's that simple, and this is definitely one of the first love test games online to have appeared on the internet, so it is a really great throwback for today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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