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What are Polly Pocket Games?

Welcome to our page dedicated to Polly Pocket Games, based around the popular toy line that started way back in 1983, and it is now part of Mattel's ever-expanding roaster of great toys, with this character having clearly stood the test of time, and she has been featured in many other kinds of media, with video games being one of them as well, and our team is proud to say we have gathered for you the best online ones that you can play directly from your browser or mobile device!

As for the media franchise, we have a currently airing show that started in 2018, named simply as the main character, and over the years there have been three films:

Meet Polly Pocket and friends!

In this new tv show, Polly has a special locket that helps her and her friends shrink to any size they want, which results in a lot of magical adventures. She got it from her grandmother, Penelope. Polly, a blonde girl with blue eyes is always looking for new adventures, but, also, to help anyone who would need it, since she is one of the nicest dolls you will ever meet.

Gwen Grande used to be Polly's rival, but they are now best friends, and their rivalry is now a friendly one. Lila Draper is of Scottish ancestry, and she is quite fashion-forward, always being dressed up in the latest trends, but can also kick ass, literally, as she knows martial arts. Shani Smith is Polly's smartest friend, a nerd who is the brains of the operation, always.

Play Polly Pocket Games online for girls only here, we've got the best of them!

There are tons of things you could be doing here, such as picking up Polly and going to a party, skateboarding in the streets, you can dress up Polly Pocket in some awesome outfits, play sports such as football, or go down the water slide, give her medical attention as a doctor, when she hurts herself in her adventures, and more!

All this and much more await you one click away, so enter Polly's marvelous world of adventures right now, and don't look back until you've had all the fun you ever wished for!