Polly Party Pickup

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What is Polly Party Pickup?

Polly Party Pickup
Dear children
Polly Party Pick-up is a new game with Polly on our site. Polly is celebrating her birthday and wants to have a party-specific to her. She wants to keep her birthday with her friends in a shopping mall. But to get to the mall, you have to take all your friends from home in their cars. So, let's a party.

With Polly's car, you'll have to start driving around the neighborhood to take all four of her friends home: Todd, Shanni, Lea, and Lilla. Everyone will go to the mall for a shopping session with Polly who is celebrating her birthday. Drive the car with the arrows on the keys. After you have taken all your friends, you can drive to the mall to start the party.

Each friend will give her a present for Polly. The rule of the game is as follows. You will have to take each friend to the store one by one. You won't have to collect them all and then go to the mall. The party is ready to start in the mall as soon as the whole band has gathered in stores. You will have time to go to each store for shopping.

We hope you enjoyed this game and we warmly invite you to discover other games on our site. Have fun.

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How to play?

use the arrows