Polly Pocket Roller Coaster

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What is Polly Pocket Roller Coaster?

Polly Pocket Roller Coaster

Polly Pocket wants to take four of her friends to the Roller Coaster, so for that, she needs a total of five tickets, which is what you are here to help her find in one of the best new hidden objects games that this category has ever had, with a guaranteed fun time from start to finish, old-school-style!

Find the Roller Coaster tickets for Polly Pocket!

You will have five locations and in each one, you are searching for one ticket, and they need to be found before the time granted for that runs out on you, and without clicking around wrong too many times, because if that happens you will end up losing, of course.

Use the mouse to click around the items in the rooms, and one of them will hold the secret ticket, and when found, it is collected, and you can move on to the next room, where you have a new one to find, simple as that. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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