Super Shopping Spree

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What is Super Shopping Spree?

Super Shopping Spree

Super Shopping Spree is going to be one of the best new Polly Pocket Games online we have for you right now, a category that should always be in your minds, since this doll is quite famous, and doll games are now going to be even more popular, even more, when you can go and take your favorite clothing and style them as well. We will now teach you more about how to do it, so you can start right away!

Go on a Super Shopping Spree online with Polly Pocket!

You will be given a shopping list, and you then go to the mall, where you have to find said items and click on them, but know that some of them are hidden, so interact with items to get them out of their hiding spot and acquire them. Use the mouse to move the girl between the various shops in the mall.

It's all that simple, as all our games with Polly Pocket are, and, speaking of them, we invite you to further investigate the category and keep the fun going strong! Don't stop it here, since we've got more great games for the day, for both girls and boys!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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