Barbie Red Riding Hood

Barbie Red Riding Hood

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Barbie Red Riding Hood
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Barbie Red Riding Hood Overview


Transform Barbie into Red Riding Hood! She is her favorite fairytale character, so she wants to look like her. We're sure many girls also love the character, so you already know what to do, no? Well, in case you need to know, we'll show you! It's easy, and you get to do makeup too, not just dress up Barbie!

Dress up Barbie like Red Riding Hood!

To do it you use the panel on the right. With the buttons on the right, you choose the clothing. You've got hairstyles, red dresses, as well as the iconic red cape and a basket of fruit. Accessorize using necklaces, and earrings

With the buttons on the bottom side of the menu, you do makeup. Choose the lip color, pick the color of the eye shadow, the blush, and if you want change the color of her eyes too.

It's simple, and by doing all this, Barbie becomes Red Riding Hood. Hopefully, the wolf is not going to eat her, just like in the story! Go save grandma now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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