Barbie You Can Be Anything Matching

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What is Barbie You Can Be Anything Matching?

Barbie You Can Be Anything Matching

Barbie Extra is the newest line of Barbie dolls from Mattell, and you can't imagine how happy we are that we already have the chance to share with you all games based around these dolls, something we are doing from this moment, when we share with everyone here the awesome new game called Barbie You Can Be Anything Matching!

Match the cards of Barbie dolls and improve your memory!

As you've probably already realized, this is a memory game with cards featuring Barbie dolls from the new Extra line, and it can be played in the easy, medium, or hard level of difficulty, with each of them having a different number of cards for you to match, so choose the one you think you can play with.

Of course, what you do is tap on the cards to flip them around, and when two cards that you've revealed are identical, they remain visible, and when all of the cards have been matched and revealed, you have won, simple as that. Good luck, and stick around, since more awesome games with Barbie are soon to follow!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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