Fairytale Modern Rivalry

Fairytale Modern Rivalry

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Fairytale Modern Rivalry
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Fairytale Modern Rivalry Overview


Fairytale Modern Rivalry is a game with the two Ever After High princesses, Apple White and Princess Raven Queen.

Your mission will be to help Apple White leave her mark on everything around her, including objects, clothes, and hairstyles.

The game takes place on three different levels:
  • Classroom Decoration: You will have to decorate the classroom where the Ever After High Princess studies. You can put flowers in the classroom, change the curtains, color the blackboard, and clean the desks.
  • Modern Dress-up: the second level of the game where you must deal with Apple White's outfit. More precisely, you must style her hair, create a clothing style suitable for the high school where she studies, and accessorize her accordingly.
  • Raven Queen turn: in the third part of the game, you will have to deal with Raven. Use the best clothes to create her outfit, go with her to the hair salon, and, in the last step, you can accessorize her with decorative items.

Even if the game puts the two princesses in positions of rivalry, at the end of the match, Raven's advice will be that: It's not all about winning. We should be friends our own way in life.

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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