Sports Heads Basketball

Sports Heads Basketball

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Sports Heads Basketball
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Sports Heads Basketball Overview


Come play Sports Heads Basketball, where you play basketball online, and shoot hoops, but do it with players that have oversized heads. This makes the game both funny and fun, certainly unique! Well, not that much, since there are other Sports Head Games online on our website, like Football. Try that too, but first, let us teach you this one, so you can give it your very best!

Play Basketball with the Sports Heads!

The games are all one-on-one, so choose your avatar, and then play against the computer's. The player who shoots the ball into the basketball, into the hoop, and scores more points than the other team before the end of the match, which is divided into four quarters, wins. So, give your best to take the ball, shoot it with accuracy, and become a top scorer!

Move with the arrows, with the up arrow being used for jumping. When you want to kick the ball, or steal it away from the opponent, press the spacebar. For Player 2 use the WASD keys and P.

Springboards are the first element you need to know. When you jump on them, you can get really high, which is an advantage in the sport. That's why tall players are searched for all around the country. They will then take five seconds to recharge. You cannot use them in that time.

Power-ups are good, but some are bad!

Now, this game is a virtual one, so you can do things differently from the real basketball court. Hit the ball through the power-ups to use them to your advantage. The good ones are in green, and they are:

  • speed boost
  • jump increase
  • ice your opponent to stop them from moving
  • grow (yes, you get bigger)
  • break hand
  • break springboards

Now, the same power-ups work in reverse when they are in red. So, mostly avoid them, since they give you problems, except the last two ones, which will trouble to your opponent.

Different balls for different hoops!

Grab the balls that appear and use their special abilities. They are in yellow. There's a dull ball, a bouncy one, a really big ball, one small ball. Oh, you can also make a streaker appear, which will confuse your rivals.

How to play?

P1: Use the ARROWS, spacebar.

P2: WASD, P.

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