2 Minutes to Escape

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What is 2 Minutes to Escape?

2 Minutes to Escape
You are an astronaut in a rocket, but the engine malfunctioned and you must escape it before it explodes! The imminent explosion will happen in 2 minutes so you must act fast to escape. On your path to freedom, you will find a lot of obstacles you must go through first. You must avoid the electric spikes, turrets, electricity, and more. In order to open the door to the next room, you must press the button located in the room. In each room you will have 3 lives, all obstacles except the electricity will lose you a life. The electricity will instantly kill you, even if your health is maxed out.

There are also platforms you have to jump on to get to the button, the black platforms are stable and you can stand on them as long as you like while the red platforms are unstable and will break if you stand on them for too long. When you manage to finish the game you will escape from the rocket and win the game.

Are you ready to escape? Let's find out!


How to play?

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, on mobile press the onscreen buttons

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