Highway Robbers

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What is Highway Robbers?

Highway Robbers
You are robbers on the run from the police! Your job is to evade them for as long as you can without colliding with the other cars on the highway! You start by going fast on a highway filled with cars and civilians. You can move left and right and even on the opposing road.

You have to be careful about it though, there are many cars on the road on both sides of the highway. The opposing side is especially dangerous as well since cars are coming straight in front of you. On the road, you may collect coins too that you can use to purchase other car skins.

There are multiple levels that you can finish, each level gets harder as you progress through the game. Some levels happen at day while some happen at nighttime for extra difficulty. Every few levels you will also encounter a bonus level where you can freely collide with any car to increase your score further and to collect coins.

Time to evade the police!

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys to move. On mobile use the touchscreen.