Legends of Spark Racing

Legends of Spark Racing

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Legends of Spark Racing
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Legends of Spark Racing Overview


Legends of Spark Racing is the first game that we HAD to bring over to you in this fresh category of Legends of Spark Games because racing with cars is the main attraction and storyline of the show, where the cars are living, so they have full autonomy, but in this game, you get behind the wheel of Spark and try to help him become a racing legend!

Race with Spark and make him a legend of the track!

Use the arrow keys to steer Spark through the courses, where you need to be careful not to bump into regular cars also driving on the roads, do not go off-road either, because these things slow you down, and also overtake the other racing cars to cross the finish line first.

The ranking is not as important as time is, because in each level you need to complete the tracks in the given time, so be as fast as possible, and the quicker you finish a stage, the more points you are going to be given. You have three levels to complete in total.

Now that you know how simple it is, start racing, track after track, and live the legends of Spark yourself!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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