TikTok Divas #Black&Pink

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What is TikTok Divas #Black&Pink?

TikTok Divas #Black&Pink

The #BlackPink trend is the newest one that the TikTok Divas want to try out, but they are only able to do it if you are willing to become their stylist right now and here, with one of the best new makeup and dress-up games for girls we've had here in a while, a true must-play for each of you, even if you're not regularly fans of this genre!

Try on the #BlackPink trend for the TikTok Divas!

In the makeup stage that you begin with for each of the girls, use cosmetics such as lipstick, blush, eye-shadow, eyeliner, brushes, contact lenses, and even facial piercings, mixing and matching until you are satisfied with how their face looks.

After that, when you dress them up, you can pick full outfits, or mix and match the various tops and bottoms available, completing their looks with leggings, jewelry, hats, purses, and don't forget about hairstyles either.

Now that you've understood just how simple everything is, start the game right now, and don't stop here, because we've got more games for girls being added here today for you, and they're also worth giving a look to!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.