Goldfish Hide and Seek

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What is Goldfish Hide and Seek?

Goldfish Hide and Seek

Goldfish Hide and Seek are one of the best new interactive hidden objects games online on our website, a game that is more dynamic than the other ones that you might be used to with in this category, and it is yet another one that takes us into the world of GoldFishFun Games that we are now bringing back into attention!

Play Hide and Seek with the Goldfish!

There are five fish you are looking for in the rooms:

  • Finn
  • Gilbert
  • Swimmington
  • Brooke
  • Xtreme

Use the mouse to move the light around the room, and watch for the hot and cold meter, because if it gets hot, it means you are close to finding a fish, and when you do, you need to click on it. In either mode of difficulty, you choose to play and give your best to find them all as fast as possible because you are being timed.

It is that easy, so now that you understand it all, you should be ready to give the game your best, have fun, and maybe you will stick around for more of our daily content to come!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.