Fun Crash Dash and Go

Fun Crash Dash and Go

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Fun Crash Dash and Go
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Fun Crash Dash and Go Overview


Welcome to Fun Crash Dash and Go, a new puzzle-adventure game online. It's an adventure game where small fish need to be guided by their big brother fish. They're out on in the toy room, as these Goldfish Fun characters are biscuit fish. Let's use our brains and each of their abilities to finish the courses!

Have a Fun Crash Dash and Go adventure online!

Help Finn, the leader of the Goldfish, and his friends to guide the smaller fish over to the party that awaits everyone at the end of the road. It's a complicated road full of obstacles, and you will have to use the special skills of each fish to get past them. They are:

  • With Gilbert, you can build bridges. Use this skill to cross canyons, streams, and other waterways.
  • Use Finn to lead the way after you've cleared it. He's the one the small fish listen to. He's your beacon!
  • Brooke can build a ladder next to tall objects. Use them to climb up and down and get past them.
  • Xtreme is the fish with the most power. Use his skill to blast through rubber walls.

To move the fish, click on them, and then where you want to go. After selecting a fish, hit the skill button to activate it. If placed correctly, their abilities will work. Let's work together, and then party together!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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