My Pou Virtual Pet

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What is My Pou Virtual Pet?

My Pou Virtual Pet

My Pou Virtual Pet is going to be one of the absolute best new caring games online that we invite kids to play on our website, adults too, and we want you to know that even if this game had not featured a small little creature similar to Pou, called Poky, it would still be an amazing time to have, so we hope you start this game right away!

My Pou Virtual Pet: the best new caring game online!

Your purpose in this game is taking care of the pet and making sure that it is fed, happy, and healthy, for which you do things such as wash it, feed it, play with it, and put it to sleep. As you do that, you will eventually have it evolve bigger and older, and you can also go with it to the park, where you can make friends with other creatures.

In the shop you can buy new skins and accessories, and you can also play various mini-games with the creature:

  • Racing
  • Runner
  • Jump
  • Flappy
  • Catch
  • Jetpack
  • Stack
  • Fall

For doing all these things and more you are going to earn coins in return, so use them to unlock games, and skins, and have fun in other ways in the game. Start off right now, and don't hesitate to tell all your friends about our daily games as well!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.