Love In Style

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Love In Style
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What is Love In Style?

Love In Style

Love is In Style for the month of February when Valentine's Day takes place, which is why we are delighted that at this moment we could share with you a brand new dress-up game for girls focused on this theme, where you get to dress up a girl no less than three times, so she gets absolutely ready for her date!

Let's dress up and Love In Style!

For each of the three times you dress her up, use the panel on her right to pick a hairstyle, mix and match the various tops and bottoms available, and you should also throw in some accessories, not just the cupcakes in the first stage, but also jewelry, hats, bags, and know that no outfit is complete without shoes, so pick out a pair as well.

Finally, pick out which of the three outfits you believe should be put on social media. It is that simple, so now that you've been made aware of this all, let the fun begin straight away, and invite your friends along for it as well, they might not have known about this game before you tell them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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