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Asphalt Retro

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Asphalt Retro
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Asphalt Retro Overview


If you were urging to play one of the best new car racing games online on the internet for the day, you have already reached it, as our administrative team is delighted to share with everyone the game known as Asphalt Retro, which might look like it is an older game, but it is brand new, only made to feel like that so that you have a novel experience unlike you can have anywhere else!

Play Asphalt Retro online and unblocked for free!

There are eight amazing tracks for you to discover, and with each new one you unlock by winning the race, you also get a new car, so eight cars await you to drive them like hell. Why? Because in each race you are taking part you should try to be the first one to cross the finish line, while avoiding all the traps, collisions, and other dangers.

If your car gets too busted up, you lose, of course, and need to start all over again from scratch. Use the right and left arrow keys for drifting, and boost with the up arrow. The gameplay is easy, the premise is classic, and the time with this game is precious, so start it right now, and stick around for way more fun of this kind to come, we promise it to you!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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