My Own K-Pop Band

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What is My Own K-Pop Band?

My Own K-Pop Band

My Own K-Pop Band is yet another fascinating makeup and dress up game for girls we are elated to share with the female visitors of our website, precisely because we know that they are always in search of the best new games out there for their liking, and this one will surely satisfy their needs, even more so since these bands are more popular than ever!

Have you ever dreamt of having your Own K-Pop Band? Create it right now!

There are four girls that you can create in this game, each with a different role for them in the band, and you are invited to give them a name before you begin.

You can then choose their skin tone, face shape, eye-shape, their eyebrows, lips, and other features, and only then use the other buttons, with which you dress them up using clothes, leggings, hairstyles, and accessories.

We're sure that you will create the cutest Korean Pop band in the entire world, and after their first concert they are going to simply take the world by storm, and together you will all have lots of fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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