Fastlane Frenzy

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What is Fastlane Frenzy?

Fastlane Frenzy

Fastlane Frenzy is one of the best new action-packed and high-octane racing games with cars in 3D from our website that we are now happy to share with you, and the fact that it is also one of the newest 2 player games in this genre should give you even more incentive to try it out, so ask a friend to come over and play with them!

Let's start the fun Fastlane Frenzy online, solo, or in 2 players!

One player uses WASD to drive, the other one uses the ARROWS, and with the other cars as well, as there are eight of you in total, you all race to be the first ones crossing the finish line at the end of all the laps, so put in the effort and speed to make that be yourselves!

Drive on the fast lane as you try not to crash and get left behind, collect coins so you can buy and unlock new cars and tracks, and grab the lightning bolts since they are upgrades that will make you faster, and help you overtake the other cars.

Are you ready? You should be, so start right now, and stick around to see what other great games are still going to appear here for you all!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.

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